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We here deal in 2 different kind of services Core Service and Additional Services

Core Service are

Architectural Design

Once the concept of the project is approved by clients, and with the combined consideration of materials, local conditions, best bungalow design and estimate of project cost we start the procedure of giving final structured shape to develop the best architectural design. With too and fro discussion on design development with the client and inputs of the in-house team, the best home design / Apartment design solution is achieved. A 2D presentation of drawings is prepared explaining the design and functionality of the project to show the latest bungalow design/ Apartment design/ Project design to the client

Interior Design

The complete process of concept creation is carried out before preparation of interior layout for any project with a clear understanding of the projected budget for a given interior decoration work and the expectation of clients we transform everything into an explanatory interior layout. Our design layouts are true to its materials and functional to its space along with aesthetics and perfect blending of technology and latest trends in interior design created for your home/office/shop/bungalow/ apartment.

Industrial Building Design/ Factory Shed Design

We provide a perfect platform for our corporate / Industrial clients, with a one stop solution right from various approvals to planning and finally designing. We provide industrial building design solutions that includes small scale plants design, factory design etc. as per the client’s requirement and try to meet their expectations to the fullest following the bye laws and constraints implied in a planned and well organized manner and also in a specific time frame that suits the corporate clients.

NA Approvals / Non Agricultural Approvals

With a strong understanding of the Government bye laws and regulations and having worked with most of the Government agencies of Valsad for over 8 years we are expert in conversion of land from agricultural to Non Agricultural land and also we have become experienced in providing NA services/consultancy for all type of projects like Residential NA, Commercial NA and Industrial NA. We find the best possible solution for getting NA approvals from Town planning/Collect orate /Zilla Panchayat by producing accurate submission plans/ NA layouts. Till present we are successful to procure approvals for all projects that we have undertaken.

Approval from Local Authorities/ Construction Permission / Project Sanctioning

Over the years it has become our primary task to get the statutory approvals such as construction permission/ commencement certificate / project sanctioning from the local Governing Authority/ Nagar Palika/ Municipality office/ Seva Sadan in Valsad district due to the clear and clean reputation of our company. We monitor the whole process of project approval and deliver a satisfying result to our clients to the best of our ability right from getting the commencement certificate to occupying certificate to end the project with.

Master Plan for Land/ Township Planning

With our vast experience of planning and understanding the use of land and space planning, we are able to deliver a comprehensive and sustainable Master Plan solution for our clients so as to efficiently develop each and every amenity available to produce a perfect urban development plan/ Township plan. With our in house expertise of architectural planning and interior designing we are able to design layouts with accurate detail for optimized use of the land by integrating design features/ elements / amenities like community living, road network, drainage, sewage disposal, community space design and street space design.

Additional Service are

Concept Creation

In order to deliver a unique proposition for every project and to create a seamless vision to execute a work, we create a concept for every project upon understanding the scope of work, site specific requirements and the client’s needs. A look and feel power point presentation is designed for the clients to showcase our new innovative concept ideas and offer a customized solution with the input of basic vastu principles, local climate, topography, neighborhood, construction method, latest trends in design, materials and technology used. Thus to offer the client an idea of what task is finally going to be undertaken by us and help him understand the design concept of his home/ office/ shop/ apartment.

Working Drawing/ Shop Drawings

With a sound technical knowledge and good understanding of common site execution complications we strive to produce the best detailed layout of construction drawings/ working drawings for all the projects once the architectural layouts are finalized. We work in co-ordination with the structural engineer appointed by us and who is looking over the project to integrate the minutest details to make our working drawings achieve accurate onsite execution.

Project Estimation

The foundation of any project is its detailed estimation of work. A successful project with timely execution requires a thorough understanding of the various components involved in the project. We provide a break up of various heads/ items for clients to understand the project estimation and the total costing factor involved in individual stage for better financial planning and smoother execution of work in real time.

Project Feasibility Report/ Project Evaluation Report

This is our Specialization! With years of experience and ability to adapt to the changing trends in real estate, we can deliver project evaluation reports for any given asset/land. Even before a project is conceptualized we can evaluate its feasibility and return on investment (ROI) with our extensive research and investigation for a client’s safe and sound investment.

MEP Layout

In order to improve the building system performance, all the mechanical, electrical and plumbing services are integrated in architectural/ interior/ layout design. Here we bring in on board our specialized MEP consultants to evaluate our planned services and who methodically detail out all the necessary layouts to precisely execute the project. Our team of architects, interior designers and civil engineers work in close coordination with the specialized MEP consultants to produce a homogeneous design solution for completing the project efficiently.

Structural Design

The backbone of any project is its structural design and how well it is integrated to the architectural layout thus, justifying sustainability. Our structural design consultants give out a very detailed working drawings and proposed aesthetic elevation/ façade treatment in a simplified manner to carry out further execution. Our civil design/ structural design is based on site conditions and project specific, making it most efficient thereby justifying its steel and cement consumption into the R.C.C design/ R.C.C work. We also integrate the ISO civil design consideration for precaution against earthquake.

As Built Drawings

Every project undergoes an evolution process from the desk to the final execution on site. The changes that occur due to onsite complications or modification due to the change of purpose are to be documented and preserved. We produce as built drawings for our projects so that it serves as a platform for further evolution if required and to carry out maintenance whenever required.

Renovation Works

It is especially for the clients who wish to upgrade their currently occupied properties/ assets/ bungalow/ flat/house/office with the latest concepts to suit their needs for change; we provide renovation solutions/renovation works. Renovation work is carried out in a similar process as that of concept creation to add value to the existing structure/ building. By doing so we intend to increase the life of the structure/building which in turn benefits the client. We have successfully executed renovation projects for bungalows/offices/shops by adding value to them.

Landscape Design

With an aim to balance the built and un-built space we closely observe our design concepts that integrate with indoors and outdoors. As per the requirement of the project we closely work with our landscape consultant right from the conceptual stage for a better and sustainable landscape design that suits and highlights the project needs. We have provided landscape solution for a single bungalow project right up to a large township, planning layout with innovative concepts and best possible solutions with the help of our team.


Complete end to end solution related to real estate/ construction/ architecture work is provided by our company. It includes Project Management Consultancy (PMC) which enables us to have a complete road map of the project with all the processes involved in project construction, monitoring, estimating, selecting of sub-contractors, running bill verification, financial planning and one stop solution to carry out a project in the most successful way.

BOQ Generation

To carry out a project in precise and planned manner we provide services like bill of quantity generation based on the detailed working drawings for architectural and interior works. It is produced in a simplified excel format for better understanding to the clients/ contractors/ suppliers and helping in billing and purchasing process.

Project Supervision

Stage wise and timely supervision of architectural and interior project is provided to make sure that the appointed contractors/ sub- contractors are carrying out the execution as per the details in a timely manner. The design team also carries out site supervision at intervals to understand the site progress and identify any shortcomings.

This is how we do it.

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About Purple Infraplanner

Established in 2006, MAXIM ARCHITECTS is now known as PURPLE INFRAPLANNER LLP to layout a highly professional & corporate structure for the development of its staff and future growth . Located At Vapi In Valsad District, Gujrat. It is a design consulting firm Providing architectural, plotting, landscape and interior design solutions for various categories of clients. With a core staff strength of 10 professionals and the use of the most recent IT support , the firm has over the years acquired a thorough capability to execute medium to large scale projects

The firm has a comprehensive approach to design solutions by involving all categories of consultants like mechanical, electrical & plumbing services , structural engineers along with quantity surveyors are considered an imperative to effective project delivery.

PURPLE INFRAPLANNER is all about "RESPONSIVE PLANNING", our goal is to implement Creativity by providing responsive design solutions coupled with excellent professional services through the use of skilled manpower, through an organizational structure .

PURPLE INFRAPLANNER is one of the leading Architects & Interior Designer .
PURPLE INFRAPLANNER has excellent team of qualified individual who are sensitive and capable to understand the customer requirements & deliver the best.
Since last 8 years, PURPLE INFRAPLANNER which was previously known as "Maxim Architects" has successfully executed typology of projects including Designing of Bungalows, Apartments , Office spaces ,Commercial Buildings , Industrial units , Plotting Schemes, Retail outlets ,healthcare centre, Hospital , School , Hotel & even PMC .
PURPLE INFRAPLANNER has ultra-modern infrastructure & work environment . The top management is fully committed to quality and tries to give utmost customer satisfaction.

We at PURPLE INFRAPLANNER are committed to satisfy our valued customers up to the brim of their expectations by putting our best efforts .
We shall continually improve Quality Management System by upgrading the skills of our employees.

We , at PURPLE INFRAPLANNER have identified following objectives in pursuit of our Quality Policy.
To increase quantity of new projects at least by 10% from our existing work.
To upgrade the skills of our employee by providing 20 hrs training per year.
To measure and achieve customer satisfaction.

PURPLE INFRAPLANNER is all about "RESPONSIVE PLANNING", our goal is to implement Creativity by providing responsive design solutions coupled with excellent professional services through the use of skilled manpower, through an organizational structure .

PURPLE INFRAPLANNER exhaustive list of completed works is dominated by residential projects. This specialized field of architectural design draws together many opportunities of dynamic and complex interiors, creating true "living" habitats, engineering and structural requirements, life support systems using natural environment, land use design, timely execution of work , Co-ordination with various agencies and procuring government approval where required. The company is also active in the provision of architectural services for retail and office building projects, luxurious bungalows, farm houses and medium to high density residential projects. Design process evolves affordable, workable and responsible solutions. Retail outlet design at Airport. Experience of designing for Chinese consultation, Delhi metro extensions, Marine Drive Renovation and Reliance Retail, Swimming Pool Complex, Design for school & cattle shed.
PURPLE INFRAPLANNER also believes in green design principles and implement them wherever it can be integrated. This encompasses planning for orientation, design for climate, design for healthy interior environments, appropriate use of materials, natural lighting and ventilation together with low energy and water use initiatives. This also recognizes the importance of delivering personal, contemporary and functional designs which meets client's budgets & requirements.

PURPLE INFRAPLANNER is Full Air-conditional state of the art office premises spread over 2 floors, a total of 1200 sq.fts carpet area. Made with latest technological implementation & Automation. It is a keyless design, specially equipped with a meeting room, library of products for customer interaction .Also, Provided with a fully functional 8 people conference room for presentation, a pantry for staff dining and refreshment room.

Team @ Purpulin Infraplanner

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Ar. Krushit Shah


After acquiring Architectural education from M.M.CA , Pune University the city of knowledge along with an inter-nation exposure in the professional practice training period at Calpoly University , California ,US.A.
He had worked with eminent architects in cities like Pune – ANAND UPLEKAR, Surat – JOBAN DESAI & Mumbai –RATAN BATLIBOI & ARCHITECTS. He had started his own venture in year 2006 at Vapi.

Clarinda Gratia


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Mandeep Eimear

Mobile Developer

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Wigstan Fergus

QA Engineer

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