Why choose NITS ?

We provide excellent services to clients by fulfilling their infinite aspirations in Overseas education , visa assistance and coaching for different competitive exams like IELTS, TOEFL , PTE , GRE.


We are known for our integrity, commitment, trust, loyalty, quality, and priority. We ensure that all the communications carried are straightforward and genuine.

Personalized Coaching

At Nits Overseas, we follow a structured pattern for imparting individual coaching based on students’ language proficiency and understanding ability. 

Experienced Counselor

Nits overseas owns a team of counselors who are highly professional having enormous experience along with international certifications.

Career Counseling

We have assisted more than 5,000 students who are keen to study abroad to select the most appropriate courses in UK, USA,and many others.

Selecting Universities

We assist in selecting the most propitious courses and universities based on their educational qualification, interests and financial parameters.

Visa Assistance

Nits Overseas provides complete guidance to it's students regarding visa procedures from application to procurement of the visa.

Select your destination.

Our Coaching

We at NITS have the hands on experience having our core team located in Canada. We also offer various other benefits to students that aspire to study abroad


Transparent VISA procedure, step by step guidance, excellent counseling are the highlights of NITS OVERSEAS. All services under one roof is the most convenient feature which enables the student to save their valuable time.